What is Event Gamification?

You may be strange with gamification as a technique but you too come across gamification concept in your routine life. Nowadays, Gamification is a well-known strategy that is used to gamify a non-game concept to make it more attractive. It can take many forms, as it holds the power to mold an event to an interactive, fun and engaging event.

After knowing about gamification, let’s explore event gamification.

What is event gamification?

Games nowadays are more prevailing than before. Events, meetings, businesses are instantly hooking up attendee’s engagement and interest via game approach.

As we know, gamification is an approach of bringing up competition and interest in the event experience. Physical activities, problem-solving, game complexes are on the mark to gamify an event.

Event gamification is the use of gamification i.e., game logistics to boost attendee engagement accomplishing event goals. The game concept is implemented to establish competition, intensify attendee’s experience and engaging attendees to deal with the actual world obstacles.

Gamification revolves around rewards, achievement, and dignity. Starbucks Rewards, Marriott Rewards, and many other business award concepts is an example of how brands are using gamification in up-surging attendee’s retention.

How gamification is influential for events?

Events, meetings, conferences are often considered boring and sterilized. There usually occurs speeches followed up by question & answers which make attendees go dull.

For an interesting and engaging event, gamification is a must use the concept for events.

Organizers must go for gamification in their event as it is an effective marketing source. Gamification in their event will enhance networks and relationships with other stakeholders and companies.

Gamification can be enforced in two ways i.e., digital gamification and Non-digital gamification.

Digital gamification involves gamification in mobile apps like challenges, quizzes, technical event-related games, etc. that allows participants to gather points and cool prizes at the end. Digital gamification turns a boring topic into an engaging one.

Non-Digital gamification requires communication with the attendees. This is a traditional gaming concept that is equally important as a digital one. This will excite teamwork and urges engagement.

By twisting boring speeches and presentation into the fun, interactive and engaging one, these gamification elements deepen attendee’s curiosity to engage in an event.

Event gamification ideas

  1. Acquaint the attendees with the venue.
  2. Encourage Q&A.
  3. Ice-breakers and networking games.
  4. Gamification through polling.
  5. Incentivized Engagement with Gamification.
  6. Mini sessions co-created by attendees
  7. Event applications.
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