What is Event Gamification?

As the digital revolution continues at full pace, new concepts arise that change the way businesses do things. One such concept is gamification – the use of gaming to enhance user experience as well as promote the business’s agenda.

Organisations are finding ways to incorporate it into their events, giving rise to the idea of Event Gamification.

Here are four benefits to doing so:

Engage with your guests

Introducing games with a theme relating to the event is a great way for businesses to interact with potential customers. Coca Cola are a great example of this with their regular use of themed digital games for guests to play. A special app created just for the event with integrated games is another fantastic way of doing this.

They don’t have to be digital either, guests often respond to board games and mini-sports games at events that boost their image of the company.

Boost dopamine levels!

The science behind dopamine levels is well-known – when they get given a boost the user feels a surge of excitement and well-being. Games are a superb way of delivering that as humans respond positively to successfully completing small tasks.

It therefore goes without saying that high dopamine levels lead to happy customers and happy customers are more likely to buy your product or service.

Get that precious feedback

Not many planners think of this but gamification is a great way of getting customer feedback from the event. Polling thoughts and opinions can also be made into a game – offering prizes for the most polls answered, for example.

Another idea is for guests to guess the results of a particular poll, with a prize awarded to the closest guess.

This way everyone wins – guests have fun and win prizes and you get invaluable customer opinions.

Increase your social media presence

Not only should an event use social media to promote itself, it should also use it via gamification. Attendees could be encouraged to use the event’s hashtag multiple times through games that reward participation.

One great example recently used was placing a giant balloon in the centre of the venue – every time a user tweeted the balloon was pumped with a small amount of air. This was to be slowly done until the balloon popped and, of course, everyone wanted to be the person who popped it!

How can I gamify my event?

Objectives of Event Gamification

Event gamification is a concept to enroll in gaming technology in a non-gaming event. This is a well-known concept nowadays which is purposely used for audience engagement at an event.

But the question occurs, will this work? Will, it advances the quality of the event? What is the aim of event gamification for an event? What are its benefits?

Technology is the tool for gamification which enhances an event. It’s not only about the games in the event but is the best way to know the behavior, response, and suggestions about the event from the attendees.

Gamification transforms your event in the delighted & interactive form for your attendees to engage more. The game-like contents offered by gamification boosts up motivation, engagement and complete impact of the event.

Event Gamification and its objectives

Gamification at an event aims to turn the boring event into a unique, exciting and alluring event. It makes an engaging environment throughout the event.

Objectives accorded by gamification:

  • Extend attendee engagement,
  • Initiates more relaxed, interactive and engaging environment,
  • Motivates attendees,
  • And facilitates easy communication.

Key points to advance the quality of the event:

  • Generate high aspect experience by enhancing technical effects in the event
  • Gamifying an event makes it more relaxed as attendees get away from the speeches, presentations, and sessions for some moment. This will cheer & freshen them.
  • It transforms the event environment in an epic one by creating trust and collaboration among attendees.
  • Extend your event by a follow-up at the end. This will increase self-confidence among attendees and creates a positive impact.

Benefits of Event Gamification:

It will enhance attendees to:

  • Attend sessions on time
  • Build a network with other attendees
  • Increases the learning excitement
  • Engage with the sponsors, stakeholders
  • Enroll the insights of the event concept
  • Notify event as unique, knowledgeable and memorable

This article enhances how gamification changes the impression in the attendee’s heart & minds.

In common words, gamification helps in influencing attendee’s behavior to upsurge event engagement and to achieve the desired goals which make it a clear win for planners, organizers, and attendees.

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