Event Technology and the Latest Trends

Event Technology is using different kinds of tools and technologies, especially digital tools making the life of an event organizer easier. The event technology has grown leaps and bounds in the coming years and is continuing to grow more as the event industry has taken a boom in the market with the number of attendees attending the event ranging from 1,000 to almost 100,000 with more than 100 events being held every year with an incredible experience leaving them wanting for more.

All thanks to the new technology trends that the event organizers try to adept into their event to make it more engaging and successful.

Some predictions for event-tech trends in 2019 are:

  • The Augmented Reality system leaves users with an incredible experience making sure they are connected to the event end to end. The easy accessibility feature of AR such as Apple AR kits, and gamification apps such as Pokémon Go, gives event planners and organizers a lot to plan for an event from scavenger hunts, exhibitor promotions to lead management.
  • Virtual Reality tech is a trend that is definitely here to stay for a long time. Event planners and managers have been finding a lot of ways to leverage this tech trend from creating interactive displays, on-site experiences, and utilizing the VR devices for event promotion strategy. The VR is a major driving factor in attendee engagement and management, event promotion, strategy, and content.
  • With big data becoming the future of event technology, event planner and organizers have emphasized the importance of data and data security in events. Real-time data analytics can be of great aid while planning an event, and data security have been set in place with policies such as GDPR.
  • Facial Recognition has already made its mark in the event industry especially, in the non-corporate sector, such as music and dance festivals, to increase attendee management, attendee engagement, behavior mapping, and, most importantly, security. The Winter Olympics is planning to use the same feature coupled with AI to improve the overall attendee experience.
  • Radio Frequency Identification is in rage these days in the event industry. From registration to check-in, RFID enabled bands and other gadgets with beacon technology will be the most used tech trend in the event in the upcoming years.
  • Drones have been used in the event industry and left the audience with some breath-taking and mesmerizing experiences. Along with it, it has also given event planners a sense of security in terms of surveillance.
  • Voice Search is now a predominant factor in the SEO and SEM industry, wherein the voice searches are taken into consideration to generate leads. 20% of the overall searches made online were voice searches and is definitely the future of the event technology. Planners can optimize these voice searches and accordingly implement them on their websites or blogs by using relevant keywords and post them on social media.
  • Event planners and organizers rely heavily on the event apps for the successful execution of an event right from start to the end. Right from online registration to a successful check-out, everything can be done in a snap with the help of event apps which involves, generating badges, setting up kiosks for check-in, access to speaker notes, attendee networking, and attendee engagement using gamification coupled with AI and AR.
  • With Artificial Intelligence making great leaps in every field imaginable, event tech people have started amalgamating this feature in the event apps in the form of chatbots, which serve as another point of communication with attendees.
  • With diagrammatic tools becoming easily accessible to teams of all sizes, they are constantly improving. They give you the ability to lay out your event in the way you want, allowing for better planning and organization.

Earlier when managing events was a cumbersome task, with all the activities done manually right from registration, check-in, venue management, and attendee list. Now, with the advent of the latest technology, everything is just a click away.

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