Organizing Product Launch Event Accompanying Gamification

Product launch events are accomplished to achieve the specific purpose of creating awareness and buzz for a particular product/brand. A product launch event increases revenue & reputation of the company and builds relationships. As gamification is influential to every event, it is also crucial for a product launch event. It here serves as the best marketing strategy for the product. By accompanying gamification at your event you can create an amazing and interactive experience of your product.

To make attendees go crazy, keep some event tactics in mind while organizing the event like:

Build anticipation

Create suspense for your product to be launched. This will drive media, public/attendees crazy speculating what tech giant has up its sleeve.

Keeping the product mysterious will establish more anxiety among the attendees leading to more engagement.

Ingenious atmosphere

Create an ingenious atmosphere for event attendees. An astonishing atmosphere implicates valuable insights into the event.


The best way to create people’s engagement at your event is to partner up with some amazing speakers, tech games, etc.

Exclusive Venue

Attendees enroll knowledge about the theme of the event. At luxury accommodation, attendees will acknowledge event organizers and feel more engaged.

Unique Hashtag

To get your event marketed on social media, use a prominent hashtag. It will create a large attendee-developed media and comments.

Technology at work

Evaluate attendees with a splendid cluster of visuals and technology. Recordings of each keynote and the individual sessions are posted online right after the conference has concluded. This grants attendees to “relive” their experience.

Feature Celeb Marketing

Represent a celebrity at the event to share beneficial observations of the product with your product launch event guests. This is one of the best ways for your product marketing. We have discussed the tactics to plan a product launch event.

Now let’s understand The necessity of gamification in a product launch event and how to procure gamification?

Gamification is the strategy by which you take the aspect of what makes games so fascinating & inevitable and blends them into a non-game experience.

By accompanying gamification in your event, you can create a fun experience of product launch event which will lead to longer engagement of the audience. Make it rewardable gamification which enhances the audience to participate & gain recognition.

Giving you an emotional connection with your clients broadens the possibility that they’ll become more loyal to your business.

Gamification enhances the engagement of customers & partners, speaks to the sense of achievement and competition, will help your product to be identifiable.

How to organize product launch event

Here are some grab-able ideas to procure gamification to organize a product launch event like:

1. Visual Storytelling

It’s all about presenting your products alongwith its inspiration interactively and exclusively.

It enables you to inform and entertain guests and fascinates people more than a simple PowerPoint presentation ever could.

2. Game Adventure

This allows guests to learn about the product through a game, which is effective.

You can:

  • Create challenges to link them to your product.
  • Offer branded rewards to enthusiast attendees.

3. Influence cooperation with a twist

Partnering with an influencing speaker creates a great hype on social media, attracts the audience adding more value to your event.

Make it more impressive by a presentation.

4. Slow-mo

A great way for engagement. Ask your guests to exhibit a move showcasing the attitude towards the product about to be launched. Record their moves in a slow-mo filming an epic reel, then use this as your follow-ups.

One thing must keep in mind while designing the concept of your event, that it should support your brand identity and demonstrates your message.

By making apps or/and games a part of your event, you also encourage attendees to exchange and communicate ideas.

As a result, the whole event will be more interactive and more productive.

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