Gamification to Procure Engagement at a Trade Show Event

A trade show event is famed as an exhibition event by the Business authorities for traders, company representatives, press members to showcase and manifest their new products. A trade show event is a vigorous platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to the existing clients, and building a more entrenched and reliable brand.

Some Trade show events allow everyone to attend the exhibition whether they are traders, public, customers, etc.

Event Engagement

But there arises a question: How Gamification concept can be used in the engagement at trade show event? Before answering this, let’s talk about event gamification.

A trade show event can be more engaging to attendees via the mode of gamification.

So guys, as you all know gamification as a concept is not new. Event and Gamification together make the carnival-like atmosphere in trade show events.

Trade show events are compelling places for the authorities to get in touch with their clients, dealers, etc. Here Event Gamification plays an important role as it helps in creating the captivating and joyful environment in the event.

Gamifying activities to procure engagement of attendees

1. Polling:

Best way to get feedback about your event and products.

Rules: let’s make it a little digital. Place the smartphones near all your showcased products and the stage. When the attendee visits the particular product they had to poll their opinion about that product. With each product polling, you will get feedback of your product and event.

By this polling, they will also enjoy the engagement in the event.

2. The Lucky Draw:

Common and most effective idea attendees engagement.

Rules: While entering the event, a pass will be provided to each attendee to fill and submit in the box. The prizes would be announced 3 times as first, second and third winners in the middle of the event. This will excite the visitors to attend the whole event. You can offer the prizes:

  • Free trial for your company’s services.
  • Gift bag with some of your brand products.
  • Gift vouchers for your brand.

3. Scratch off cards:

Interesting game of marketing of your brand.

Rules: Before starting the game, a scratch card must be provided to each attendee and instructed to scratch off. The scratch card must have the branding logo of your company.  Some scratch cards have prizes written on them while some have nothing. It will be a game of luck.

Winners will be rewarded with the prize given on the scratch card. Everyone will get something branded even if they don’t win.

4. Trivia Games:

An interactive treasure hunt game that always hit with attendees.

Rules: In the mid of the exhibition announce the game. Some questions and riddles are hidden at the exhibition place, ask the attendees to find all the riddles with its solutions. One who will find all the riddles with its solutions correctly will be the winner. Winners will get exciting prizes.

This will make the audience anxious that there is something as a reward for them.

5. Photo contests:

An impressive and engaging promotional ploy to gain exposure for your event marketing crusade on social media.

Rules: A Photobooth exhibited in the event with plenty of props. A hashtag is also be created for participants so they can use it for tagging in their social media posts.

The task is given to the attendees to take the most creative photo with the props. At the end of the day, the winner will be declared based on the photo he/she has taken and will be rewarded with the prize.

6. Quizzes:

A compelling contest that triggers the competitive instincts and gives a remarkable involvement with your brand.

Rules: A quiz in the form of a contest that relates to the event, your company, the city in which it is held. The can be vice-versa also as after the description attendees have to raise their queries relevant as the description.

The quiz can also include some questions related to entertainment movie names that engage the audience. The attendee who gave the correct answers or the attendee with the best question which generated the outstanding discussion wins and will be rewarded.

Gamification concept

The above-mentioned gamification activities are based on the Gamification concept. For the heart-stopping trade show, Gamification is an eminent way to demonstrate your products. By using this concept, one will feel intrigued by your event.

Gamification is the concept used at an event for attendee engagement, modify their behavior and to accomplish event goals. It is a concept known as Mouth Marketing. People notices games and gets excited to participate or watch, and contribute their experience to others which is simply a mouth marketing.

Gamification drives visitor’s attention and enthralls them to buy your products. Gamification is usually helpful in B2B events as it increases motivation, strengthens the communication process, boosts up morale, etc.

Gamification enhances the attendee’s networking which is itself a crucial aspect of any event. It also helps to get attendees relaxed and forget about the business travels with engagement at the event having lighthearted fun.

So guys, here we terminated that Trade show event can also be engaging through gamification. One should try these methods to make their event alluring.

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