Experiential Marketing for B2B/B2C Events with Gamification

Experiential marketing also famed as an engagement marketing concept done that invites the audience to interact with real-world business. Experiential marketing indeed has been a growing approach for years. It keeps growing because it gets companies engagement better with consumers progressively hidden by ad-blockers extensions, ad-free streaming services, and their own consumer’s acrimonies.

EM for b2b & b2c events can be done through gamification also. As we know gamification concept as a trendy strategy for audience engagement. Gamification can benefit your event accompanying experiential marketing.

Engagement marketing with the engagement of the senses and emotions also includes multiple business benefits for the event.

Experiential marketing defines two strategies for b2b & b2c event

1. B2B event marketing:

Seminars, network sessions and conferences are arranged to get business representatives to interact with each other.

Companies that peddle their business creating experiences in their business events or/and trade shows to engage their buyers and prospects.

2. B2C event marketing:

B2C event is designed to enchant the customers or future clients of a brand. The event communicates the essence of a company’s brand.

You might speculate how gamification can benefit your marketing business.

In our tech industry, gamification is a new phenomenon that generates sales for company brands. Although the concept of using gaming techniques isn’t new when it comes to connecting users, nowadays it is essential for the company’s events.

How does the Gamification strategy succeed in experiential marketing?

For experiential marketing in an increasingly mobile world, B2B & B2C event marketers can’t ignore gamification as a marketing strategy to reach other businesses and customers. B2B & B2C events can launch mobile games & apps to reap the multiple benefits of gamification.

Gamification is way more than implementing game techniques in marketing. It’s a fascinating strategy to reward, track and measure, challenge and motivate people.

Businesses can utilize event gamification both to make the workplace more engaging for employees and target their consumers.

How experiential marketing for b2b & b2c events is profitable with gamification?

The experiential marketing with gamification is valued at billions and predicted to grow to $10-12 billion by 2021. This innovative strategy can promote products or services.

1. Solve complex business problems through crowdsourcing. How?

Transform your event platform to a crowdsourcing avenue. Introduce gaming with a purpose game concept, which aims to select many captions as possible to earn a maximum of 2 points. The agreed images will be converted into tags that are recorded.

Customers can provide feedback about the games and if they are relevant you can apply it to solve your complex business problems.

2. Discover your audience.

Test several games to find out whether customers are engaging or not. Discover the audience’s interest. Deliver a customer-centric app that offers solutions to fix consumer problems.

3. Test the audience by challenges.

Create small challenges with rewards to track your audience engagement.

4. Establish Rewards.

Establish rewards for the audience participating in the event. Rewards could be the special offer, exclusive content or a product sample.

5. Go convenient to your customers.

Don’t make a challenge difficult. Make it engaging and easy for your audience to participate. Also, modify your challenge in a fun way.

Gamification offers a business many valuable benefits. As you have seen above, experiential marketing with gamification is a concept for audience engagement in a variety of ways with a  positive influence.

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