Compelling Ideas to Drive Attendees Engagement in Technical Event

Compelling Ideas to Drive Attendees Engagement in Technical Event 1

A technical event is a technical fest that accompanies various technical aspects. A Techfest hosts a variety of technology-related exhibitions, lectures as well as workshops. Techfest aims at spreading insights of science & technology. Techfests are usually student-organized events. It commences social initiatives regarding relevant issues in society. Techfest is an event for young brains to showcase their abilities and contest with others to find the best.

It’s not only a workshop event but indeed an inspiring event for new concepts to get alive to enroll more.

Technology-enabled the ability that can help you facilitate by developing the adequacy of the attendee’s experience. Keeping them involved right before, during, and after the event deepens the engagement with attendees.

Technology nowadays became an elemental part of the event industry. With the use of event apps, websites, digital signage’s and presentation videos such as AR and VR are the main to captivate your attendee’s engagement.

Let’s discuss the ones you may consider in your event to increase attendees’ engagement

Event apps

  • Just by a simple download of an event app, much of the event information, agenda & scheduling, registration, surveys, interactive maps and a lot more about the event and its organizers, can be made available to the actual and prospective attendees.
  • Event apps make everything more personalized and also helps in serving attendees the useful data before, during and after the event.

Interactive Media Projections

  • An image or video projection, also an impactful media concept that projects moving images onto structures making it a talking point for attendees engagement.
  • Images exhibit information regarding the event, past year event snapshots, etc. can be used for projection.


  • Projection mapping provides an experience of more engagement of the audience, through visual stimulation.
  • This idea of aspects technology to manipulate lighting onto varying surface types turns common objects into 3D displays.

Social Media

  • Social media is an event marketing strategy. The majority of event marketing and audience engagement can be done by the social media platform.
  • It helps in engagement with various networks, attendees and those who were not available during the event.

Technical Games

  • Technical games are trendy nowadays. They appeal to tech fests due to their technological themes.
  • They are very attendees captivating engagement games. Some of these games are Robo-wars, RC boat race, black coding, the buzzer game, model making, etc.
  • These games increase the interest of the audience keeping them more engaged with the theme of the event.

All of the above ideas seem to be quite interesting… Don’t they? So what are you waiting for? Give them a hit and use them to drive attendee’s engagement in your event. These compelling ideas make your attendees the part of your event rather than just passive observers.

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