Captivating Ideas to upsurge Event Engagement through Gamification

Gamification is not what we think. It is a concept that gamifies a non-game context. It doesn’t mean gaming. It is a process used to upsurge audience engagement. Gamification is a great initiative for highlighting insights and proactive engagement. In our everyday life, we often play games. We use to complete the levels to be rewarded. Same in the concept of gamification. It is based on rewarding percept.

Attendees play games to be rewarded, it will encourage them more to get engaged in the event. Gamification nowadays is a trend in the event industry as many organizers follow up their event with Gamifying technology. But often organizers don’t know how to accord with gamification in an event.


Here, we will help you by introducing captivating ideas to upsurge event engagement through gamification.

  • Event apps

The event industry has gone through many changes to engage attendees. One is by conceiving event apps. Event apps allow the attendee to get in touch with the event insights. They enroll in the theme, subject, organizers, brand, sessions to be held, etc through an event app. It also allows gamification, surveys, and marketing through an app.

  • Interactive Activities

The activities which encourage attendee to engage more rather than just listening to the speech. These activities involve group discussion, quiz during speech/presentation, selfie contests, and many more. These fun activities encourage learning, team bonding among attendees including communication, collaboration and experiential marketing of the event.

  • Enlightening venue

Plan a theme for the event much prior. Prefer an eye-catching or notifying venue which indicates the synopsis of the event. A proper venue and theme for the event are most essential as they highlight the event and leverage the engagement.

  • Social Media Platform

Social media is very trendy. Nowadays, people who don’t attend the events, conferences stay in touch with social media. Establish a photo booth or a unique social media hashtag. Introduce a reward on the best post to encourage attendees to capture & upload more. It is the best marketing strategy creating a wider network.

Gamification requires proper planning and execution for an effective engagement at the event. These were some captivating ideas that leverage attendee engagement via gamification. There are many other techniques one can prefer to. By these ideas, make your event a memorable and interactive one that will be in the heart and minds of the attendees.

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